IMAG0075AIt’s Halloween again. The season of all things horrifying and disgusting is upon us. Runny noses, coughing, fever, flu, and this year, Enterovirus and Ebola! People walking around looking like zombies on stuffy head medicine and who knows what else. Certainly miserable for those caught in the thick of it.

Hopefully, you read my last blog and have been preparing for this season. Like Christmas it rolls around every single year at about this time. If you want the best chance to NOT feel like one of the walking wounded or the living dead, take heed:

Limit the indulgence. Have fun, but don’t get carried away. Help your kids with this too.

Keep doing the things you’d normally do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure your brain is connected to your body. We can help with that.

Brain + body = good

Brain @#*&% body = not so good.

Even zombies know, the more brains, the better!


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