The Title Game

american-football-220047_1280As we watch the first ever college football championship game tonight, let’s pause to reflect on what the two groups of young men did to get there. They trained every day. Not just for the last couple of weeks, but all year. And most of them for most of their lives as individuals. Hours and months of sacrifice dedicated to one goal: becoming champions.

One team will claim the victory. The other will compete, hopefully, with their all and fall just short.

We pay attention to high level team sports, because we admire the human will it takes to compete at that level. In some ways, fan loyalty is a way to pay homage to the competitors, the tradition, and the fight.

Watching the game also allows us to set aside our own fights for a while and gives us a chance to recharge for our own struggles ahead.

If you live long enough, one day you will be an old person. So I say this to you: future old people, you are on your way to a distant showdown. The field is going to be uphill and the course is anything but straight. There are no referees to make it fair. There are no guarantees. But, the training and dedication that you deliver to yourself in the present has the potential to stack the deck in your future favor.

I have set aside some of my time to help you start to develop a strategy now, so you can face the future with hope, strength and – most importantly – a plan. Join me at Anytime Fitness in Chelsea on Monday January 19th, 6:30 pm. I want to help you become the best future old person you can be.

RSVP to reserve your spot at 205.502.7791.Anytime1


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