Preparing For War

Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose.

                                                   -Sun Tsu, The Art of War


Disclaimer: The conflict in the Middle East is serious business. This post is in no way an attempt to compare or capitalize on that engagement. This post is a metaphor about the very personal challenges we can expect to see in the coming months.

Later this year, my family will be enjoying an active Halloween celebration. After that, we will probably travel with three small children to Tuscaloosa or Wetumpka for Thanksgiving, making a few extra stops to visit along the way. And once that’s done, preparations for Christmas will begin with shopping and travel (or hosting) times with loved ones. All along there will be sugary sweets, rich food, long travel times, disrupted schedules, strange beds, very little rest, and lots and lots of stress.

Maybe this sounds a bit familiar. You may travel farther or host bigger. Or perhaps you struggle with being alone. Maybe your loved ones are not getting along, which can add to your own anxiety.

Here in Alabama, we can also add nearly every Saturday in between to the list. We tend to get worked up over some college boys in ridiculous outfits trying to steal a $10 torpedo-shaped ball from another equally silly looking group. Part of this ritual includes sausage, chicken wings, cheez curlz. And of course, smack talk. Roll Tide/War Eagle.

Fall is football season, holiday season, and flu season. It’s no wonder that people struggle with their health throughout. Every year I see people start dropping like flies the week after Halloween (and the requisite sugar overload). As people get sick, they tend to turn to any and every thing they can to try to maintain some semblance of function in the midst of so much activity. To make matters worse, even if you follow the strategy revealed in this article, the sheer volume of people in your environment that are actively sick and contagious will further tax your ability to resist.

It is a war you prepare for. The battle is for your health and happiness. Fighting this war will, and I emphasize, WILL, sap your strength and ability to resist. It is not hopeless though. You have the luxury of time right now to prepare for this war, to store up reserves, and give yourself every advantage to resist, bounce back, and most importantly enjoy the festivities of life!

Here is the strategy: your immune system is a defensive system. It must be well prepared if you expect it to perform well. How do you prepare an immune system?

Do the things you would ordinarily do to bounce back from an illness. I trust you have found strategies that work for you. This can be as simple as mindful eating. When we get colds, we profit from nutrient rich foods, like chicken soup. Healthy or sick, we benefit when we ensure adequate rest and hydration. Another huge component is an attitude of hope and faith. Individually, each of these strategies will help. Together these components synergize to even greater effect.

Tying these strategies all together is the ability of your body to receive, process, and assimilate their yield effectively. All of this happens through and by the nervous system. Interference at this level (via vertebral subluxation) will handicap all of your other efforts, even if you aren’t aware of it at the time. The structural and functional relationships between the central nervous system and the spine are well established. You cannot experience optimum performance at any endeavor, including immunity and resistance with vertebral subluxation affecting your master control system. For those who want the best opportunity to survive, thrive, and enjoy this upcoming season, a chiropractic check-up is in order.


Let me touch on the flu shot for a moment. Whether you choose to get one or you choose to decline, the strategy above will benefit you. The flu shot, if it’s to be effective, relies on a healthy immune system. If you are like me, and choose to forego the shot, you will also be relying on a healthy immune system.

My hope is that everyone spends this the time between now and Halloween making sure that you’ve done all you can do to ensure a healthy, happy holiday season and set yourself up to step into the new year on a high note. Does it seem a little early to be thinking that far ahead?

Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.

Be the victorious General. Be Your Best!



Fast, Slow, and the Wisdom to Tell the Difference.

People like to hear about “miracle” stories. And I like to tell them. One of my favorites is about a little boy named Alex who used to have terrible asthma, but now he doesn’t because he had his subluxation corrected. It’s a remarkable story. Or the one about Alice, who used to have to have a cane to walk, but after getting adjusted, left her cane with me because she no longer needed it.

Those are great stories. And they are true. I share them on Monday nights at my office if you want to hear more. But healing doesn’t always happen in sudden, or even short term ways. Healing is a process; it’s a whole body process. And it works long term. (Which is an amazingly awesome thing!)

But now I’m working with a very nice lady, Doris. Doris has witnessed 13 US Presidents so far. She knows what’s what. Like a lot of people, Doris came in to “try chiropractic” because nothing else had worked for her problem.

So we started working. At my office, we have one objective, and that is locating and correcting vertebral subluxation. And we did just that. Doris didn’t feel any better. But I expected that, and I told her that would likely be the case, short-term.

We also do objective digital scans. Those showed improvement, even though Doris couldn’t tell it yet.  Using these scans and my own visit-to-visit assessment, we continued to apply the principle that a body must function and heal better without nerve interference than it possibly can with nerve interference.


Right now, we’re at two re-exams. Both showed modest, but clear improvement. Now Doris is beginning to be able to tell the difference. Enough to start over-doing it in her enthusiasm to get back to “normal.”

Sometimes the healing we want happens quickly. Sometimes it happens slowly. When you allow your body to work, the way it was designed to work, without interference, some pretty amazing things happen. We just have to have the wisdom and the patience to wait on it.

High Blood Pressure

What if there was a safe, non-toxic method for dealing with high blood pressure? What if, instead of waiting for weeks to get an appointment with your cardiologist and having to remember to take medication EVERY DAY, there was another, possibly even more effective option?

Did you hear the news about how a chiropractic approach to health resulted in an improvement in blood pressure? The participants of the study  experienced an average of an 22 point decline in blood pressure verses the control group. This is equivalent to what 2 separate medications usually provide.

As the authors of the study point out, this should not be used as a “treatment” for high blood pressure, and it may not work for everyone. However, if you have high blood pressure, and 70+ million Americans do, you may benefit from having your spine checked.


Bakris G, Dickholtz M, Meyer PM, Kravitz G, et al. Atlas vertebra realignment and achievement of arterial pressure goal in hypertensive patients: a pilot study. Journal of Human Hypertension 2007;21:347-352

Breaker, Breaker

On Monday, at 11:00am the electricity in my office shut off. Being marginally handy and curious by nature, I set off to figure out the problem. When I found that the breaker at the power meter was tripped, I knew two things: I had found the problem, and it was well out of my marginally handy league.

When the Pros arrived, they found this:


Notice how the middle screw looks like it’s been burned? That’s because it has. Sometime over the last ten years, a tiny imperfection in connection has allowed a tiny arc of electricity to jump, from time to time, across that tiny space and heat the metal up. Over time, it built up enough heat to blacken and damage the metal. This allowed for more arcing and more heat, until finally, the breaker tripped.

Now that part has to be replaced. It looks expensive.

The Pro said that a tiny twist of a screw-driver, ten years ago, would have probably kept that from happening. Just a simple flick of the wrist. Now there is a major problem that is interfering with my professional life and my ability to help and serve others.

That resonates with me, because it parallels what I see as the Pro. A slight spinal misalignment, too subtle to see unless you were specifically looking for it, has been interfering with nerve function and the active organization necessary for the maintenance of health. A little subluxation, probably from long ago, left alone, has matured into a bigger problem, with major implications. One big difference is that in the human body, breakers can’t be replaced.

Of much more importance is that since man made the breaker, it doesn’t heal; God made you and you will heal. How well you heal will depend on how well we can restore that connection. Dorlands Every function and therefore all healing in the human body is controlled through your nervous system.

SignalingHow perfect and clear and precise that signal connection is will affect your body’s inborn ability to heal and regulate. It affects the very expression of your life. The better that signal is, it stands to reason, the better your ability to help and serve and love others. A little flick of the wrist, scientifically and specifically delivered, could have corrected that subluxation long ago. A regular, periodic check-up could have gone a long way to prevent the accumulation of dysfunction that resulted in major trouble.

Maybe you have a problem now. It’s not too late. Maybe you wonder if this is happening in you already, or maybe in your kids. It’s not too early. It does not hurt to get checked. If we check you and find you to be subluxated, then we can work to correct it. If you aren’t subluxated, then that’s good to know. No matter what else you are dealing with, you’ll do it better with a nervous system free from subluxation.

That is Chiropractic. That is what I do. I’ll be back next week.